Team Access Management

Table of Content

  1. Accessing Your Daolity Dashboard

  2. Navigating to Team Access Management

  3. Adding Team Members

  4. Assigning Roles and Permissions

  5. Managing Team Members

  6. Removing Team Members

Accessing Your Daolity Dashboard

[link to accessing your dashboard]

Adding Team Members

  • From the Team Details section, navigate to the "Invite Team Mates" tab.

  • Add new members by providing their email addresses.

Assigning Roles and Permissions

  • Within the team details, under the Role column

  • Click on the dropdown Menu to configure the roles and permissions for team members.

Managing Team Members

Removing Team Members

  • To remove a team member, select their name in the list of members.

  • Click on the more button, navigate to the delete button

  • click on the delete button to remove a team member

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