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What is Daolity

Daolity is a multitenant platform that offers businesses a comprehensive suite of blockchain functionality via a user-friendly API and SDK integration. Our main value proposition lies in simplifying blockchain adoption, reducing regulatory liabilities, and accelerating development cycles for our clients.

Why should developers use Daolity

What chains are allowed on Daolity

Ethereum / Ethereum Sepolia / Ethereum Goerli BNB Smart Chain / BNB Smart Chain Testnet Celo /

How can I upgrade my Daolity Plan

Visit the Doality billing model to view our current plans or email out support team for more details

How can I Create an NFT in Daolity

How do I find my project API Key

How many projects can I have per organization

What are the limits of my API request

How do I request a feature on Daolity

Can I regenerate my API key if it gets compromised

Yes, you can regenerate your API key from the "Settings" section if needed. Ensure you update the key in your applications

How often should I check for SDK integration credentials updates

It's advisable to check for updates regularly, especially when planning to integrate new features or functionalities.

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